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¿Es igual o diferente?

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Libro ¿Es igual o diferente?

Grouping and classification are among the first math and science skills that children need to learn. This fun book will challenge children to observe natural creatures to see what makes them the same and different. It presents an interesting way of looking at objects, because the objects may not be exactly the same. For example, birds have two wings, but the wings of different birds may not look similar.

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Se Contar

Libro Se Contar

One dog in a teacup, two caterpillars on a leaf, three horses having a conversation... Fun photographs and simple text help introduce young readers to counting numbers from zero to ten. A fish-counting activity encourages young readers to practice their counting skills.

La Comunidad de Mi Escuela

Libro La Comunidad de Mi Escuela

Colorful photographs feature children on their way to school, in their classrooms, and following school rules. Young readers will also learn about the jobs of teachers, librarians, and principals. An important section teaches children how to stay healthy inside their school communities.

MIS Sentidos Me Ayudan

Libro MIS Sentidos Me Ayudan

Young readers are introduced to the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Each spread in this fun book features one sense. An activity asks children to guess which foods on the page would taste sweet, sour, salty, or spicy.

La fotosintesis

Libro La fotosintesis

Photosynthesis is the basis for all life on Earth! This exciting and sensitive book looks at how plants take a gas that is poisonous to people and animals and, with the help of the Sun, create food and oxygen for all creatures. Children will delight at learning about the little chloroplast factories inside the leaves of plants and become aware of how important plants really are! Children of all ages will love this book!

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BEBÉS EN EL AGUA. Una experiencia fascinante, LOS (Color) -Libro+DVD-

Libro BEBÉS EN EL AGUA. Una experiencia fascinante, LOS (Color) -Libro+DVD-

El agua es un espacio de juego extraordinario para los bebés y los niños que se servirán de él a su ritmo, en función de su personalidad y madurez y en el que se sentirán tranquilos y seguros en compañía de sus padres. La actividad acuática permite que los bebés experimenten todo un abanico de experiencias que contribuyen a facilitar la adaptación a diferentes situaciones, la aceptación de cambios de horario y de hábitos, la precocidad en el desarrollo motriz y la adquisición de la autonomía del niño. En este libro, la autora, transmite y comparte con el lector los...

Tecnología: Hazañas y fracasos (Technology: Feats & Failures) 6-Pack

Libro Tecnología: Hazañas y fracasos (Technology: Feats & Failures) 6-Pack

With every new feat, there is at least one big failure. Learn about some of the biggest technological feats and failures in human history in this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction title that allows readers to discover some of the technological innovations that have made life easier. Featuring detailed images, charts, and graphs, informational text, and intriguing facts, children will be engaged and captivated from cover to cover! This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

I am caring

Libro I am caring

Texto y fotografías sencillas demuestran diversas maneras de ser provechoso y de demostrar que te importa tu prójimo.

The Math Teacher

Libro The Math Teacher

This is a short fun book for children, showing them math simplified so they can learn it’s not hard and that it’s necessary to learn math in life. There are math questions and situations in this book showing that math can be applied in daily life. The book is also bilingual, meaning you can also introduce your child to Spanish or English. Math is a subject many children are scared of and tend to not embrace. This novel is made to break down some math, and the math problems are for children of a young age, for them to analyze and use critical thinking. The book features a nice math teacher ...

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