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Estudiamos la tierra

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Libro Estudiamos la tierra

In This Title Students Will Learn In Depth Information About The Three Layers Our Earth Is Made Of. Introduces Students To How The Tectonic Plates, Wind, And Water Are Constantly Changing Our Landscape. Gives Detailed Information On How Scientists Think Our Earth Was Formed And Has Evolved.

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Tñitulo Secundario : Studying Our Earth Inside and Out

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El maravilloso ciclo del agua

Libro El maravilloso ciclo del agua

Three Quarters Of Our Earth Is Blanketed By Water. How This Water Is Used, From Bathing To Irrigating Crops Is Addressed. That Water Travels In A Never-Ending Pattern Called The Water Cycle. Tips On How To Conserve Our Most Important Natural Resource Are Included.

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Algorithms might sound like a complicated tech term, but don't be intimidated, people actually use them every day. Using accessible language and full-color photographs, this book simplifies algorithms in an easy-to-understand way. Readers will be amazed to learn that an algorithm is just a set of steps for computers to follow to get things done. STEM topics from the Next Generation Science Standards are emphasized throughout the text. Sidebars featuring key terms help readers grow their tech vocabulary, and fact boxes provide additional opportunities to learn.

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A family wants to share a pizza, but who gets how much? And how do they know? The answer is mathematical equations! Mathematical equations can be applied to food measurement, the human body, and even outer space! Students will answer different questions on mathematical equations in the book Comenzó con una pizza (It Started With Pizza). Used in the classroom or at home, this Spanish text includes a glossary, an index, engaging images, and easy-to-read text to help students build their math and reading skills while they are engaged in reading high-interest content.

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There are millions of animals that call the ocean home. Some of these animals are in danger. Readers will learn about marine animals that are at risk of becoming endangered and what people and activists like Jacques Cousteau have done to help. Readers will also learn about the causes of endangered animals, including pollution and overfishing and learn steps they can do to help the conservation and preservation of these beautiful animals and sea life. Through vibrant images, informational text, stunning facts, a glossary of terms, and a list of additional resources, readers are sure to be...

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