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Libros de Victor Barba (2 libros)

Quiero Tocar la Guitarra

Libro Quiero Tocar la Guitarra

Quiero Tocar La Guitarra, (I want to play the guitar) by Victor M. Barba is one of the best books for guitar. Finally there is an Easy to understand book to learn how to play the basics on the guitar. the only book that includes music notes, music note names, tablature, guitar graphics and fingering, plus a CD, all in one book. with this book you will learn how to read music and learn music theory; you have 20 progressive guitar studies, many original songs, and Latin and Mexican rhythms such as Ballad, Cumbia, Norteño, Corrido, Rock and Tex-Mex. If you ever wanted to learn some of these...

Quiero Tocar el Piano

Libro Quiero Tocar el Piano

Quiero Tocar El Piano, by Victor M. Barba is a wonderful book for piano. with basic music theory such as the staff and the treble clef, and more advanced piano studies, this book is excellent for anybody who wishes to learn how to play the piano or keyboard. the only book that has the music notes as well the names of the notes under each example, as well as the piano graphic, makes it easier to read and understand. Includes many chords, scales, and rhythms such as Ballad, Cumbia, Ranchera, Corrido, Pop and Tex-Mex. It also has 20 progressive piano studies. Quiero Tocar El Piano is a must have ...