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Princesas de Cristal

Libro Princesas de Cristal

Suffering from an eating disorder is an emotional experience that can be devastating for the teenagers and their families. With the healing that comes from recovery, some patients need to explain their experience to prevent others from suffering the same. This book is an example of that.

21 Dias Para Renacer

Libro 21 Dias Para Renacer

There is a three-week path capable of leading us to a healthier, longer, and happier life. This work offers us a practical and daily guide formed from recipes and exercises; but also of knowledge. From this path comes renewed body and soul. Reaching an advanced age in good health is possible.

De Nuestro Corazon Al Suyo

Libro De Nuestro Corazon Al Suyo

A great book that will touch the hearts of women of all ages and all walks of life. Women today want to know that God loves them as they are—with all their faults, failures and secret sins only God knows. They also want to know how to better love the people around them: to be better mothers, better wives, better friends. This book is divided into three well-structured sections: Trusting the Father's Love for You, Becoming a Woman of Love and Experiencing Life With Others. This unique book, written especially to women, explores how to love and be loved. It includes reflections, experiences...