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Libro Escapar

The year is 2045. Civil wars and foreign attacks have split the U.S. into three hostile political areas. Can you make it home from your secret mission in time to help?

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Cantidad de páginas 124


  • R. A. Montgomery


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Cruzando El Pacifico

Libro Cruzando El Pacifico

"In Japan for the summer to practice the martial art of kempo, Lincoln sometimes feels like little more than a brown boy in a white gi. But with the help of his Japanese "brother," Mitsuo, Lincoln sees that people everywhere, whether friends or kempo opponents, share passions much like his own--for baseball, family traditions, and new friendships."

Mi tío Timoteo

Libro Mi tío Timoteo

La visita del tío Timoteo sorprenderá al pequeño niño con la posibilidad de trabajar de manera colaborativa con un propósito: dar forma al carro veloz Traviata. Lleno de ternura y creatividad, este cuento revela el valor de las cosas simples como ventana para vivir experiencias nuevas e inolvidables.

Alatorcida/ Crickwing

Libro Alatorcida/ Crickwing

From the creator of Stellaluna and Verdi comes this tale about a cockroach with a cricked wing and a flair for sculpture. As Crickwing discovers, it's not easy being different. Tired of being bullied, he picks on the leafcutter ants to even the score and manages to anger the queen ant. When a swarm of ferocious ants threatens to attack, everyone is in danger. Finally, Crickwing's artistic talent and spirit of cooperation save the day! Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc.

Perro Viejo -Lib

Libro Perro Viejo -Lib

Perro Viejo was taken away from his mother at birth and has known no other life than that of servitude on a sugar plantation. His name, which means "Old Dog," was given to him by the plantation master because, like the bloodhounds that chased fugitive slaves, Perro Viejo is always searching for the scent of his long lost mother. The only thing that keeps him alive is the memory of Asuncion, a beautiful girl he once met while washing his master's horses at a river. Never to see her again, he closes his heart to all forms of love. Nearing the end of his life, Perro Viejo meets Beira, an old...

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